Non-ferrous metals are used as raw or subsidiary materials to make products in virtually all manufacturing segments. Their use has further expanded into high-tech electronic and IT industries in recent years. In particular, their consumption has sharply increased in developing countries where high economic growth continues, with new infrastructure being built alongside active industrial production.

More commonly used non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum and Copper are often subjected to oxidation and tarnish. Sulphur free HAKUFORM neat and water-soluble cutting oils have been developed to meet the needs of the copper machining industries.DAUBERT VCI products are highly effective for use in the protection of these metals.

COPPERTEX VCI Paper is designed to protect all types of copper and copper alloys from the menace of tarnishing and blackening. Whether protection of basic copper or copper based sheets, wires or of value added copper based electronic equipments & decorative items, COPPERTEX is the choice the world over. SILVER SAVER and PREMIUM METAL-GUARD VCI Film ranges are also proved performers in non-ferrous industry.

Specialized NOX-RUST oils & coatings are also formulated to provide benefits to some applications in this growing industry.