Message from md

Metals - One of man's greatest discoveries have played a crucial role in the industrialization of the modern human society. However, in an era of resource conservation & Global competitiveness, economies and businesses have found it imperative to optimize utilization of this rather expensive resource through use of better and 'greener' metal working and protection technologies. In the past, we have brought to the Indian industry, Daubert corrosion preventive technologies and have been successful in securing the leadership position in this field. Our recent collaboration with Kluthe gives us the insight into advanced metal working and cleaning technologies, which gives us a unique perspective into the complete chain and provide our customers the ability to cut, clean, protect and package their metals with synergized technologies and a coherent application knowledge base. We believe that this will enable us fulfil our commitment to you, our customers, for helping metals perform better.

"We are large enough to offer wide range of services, yet small enough to deliver them with a personal touch"

Saket Bhartia
Managing Director
Zavenir Daubert India Private Limited