neat cutting oils


HAKUFORM Neat cutting oils are manufactured by hydro cracking and catalytic dewaxing processes which provide the base of oil superior anti-oxidation properties & virtually all hydrocarbon molecules become saturated (more that 90%).

Higher saturated hydrocarbon content in HAKUFORM neat oil considerably reduces the evaporation & oil misting losses.

Chlorine Free Extreme Pressure additives provide excellent tool life without compromising on environmental norms & risks associated with conventional chlorinated neat oils.

  • Hakuform neat cutting oil
    • Group II base oil (saturated HC > 90% )
    • Chlorine Free EP Additives
    • Multi-metal & multi function Compatibility
    • Less Product types


  • Neat Cutting Oil Benefits
  • Neat Cutting Oil Application

product guide

  • Hakuform® 20-205 h
  • Hakuform® 20-225 hsg rr
  • Hakuform® 20-243 c rr
  • Hakuform® 20-260
  • Excellent for all multimetal Grinding & Honing Applications
  • Suitable for Universal Applications (except Honing & Yellow metals)
  • High performance oil for copper alloys and heaviest operations
  • Extremely high lubrication for high cutting speeds & heavy operations
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