corrosion protection TECHNOLOGies


CCI technology used in the formulation of NOX-RUST products is based on the concept of polarity. Mostly available in the forms of liquids and coatings, when applied to a metal surface they create a barrier, which is impermeable for various corrosion causing elements, unlike traditional oils and coatings through which moisture and impurities seep onto the metal surface causing corrosion.

Various grades of NOX-RUST products combine excellent corrosion protection properties with other benefits such as water-displacement, fingerprint neutralization, thin film, easy removability, lubricity, drawability, miscibility with other process liquids etc.


VCI technology is based on the combined principles of polarity and volatility. When metals are in the vicinity of VCI products, the chemicals volatize in the 'enclosed' environment and form a protective molecular layer, which prevents moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen and other materials from depositing on the metals and inhibits corrosion. The main benefits of the VCI Technology lie in its ability to self-apply and dissipate.

DAUBERT VCI carries a comprehensive line of VCI products, available in various forms to fit various application requirements and combine other benefits besides corrosion protection. These are popular in forms of packaging materials such as papers & films and emitters, coatings, liquids (water & oil based), powders etc.