Pro’s of VCI Products in Brief

Corrosion is the outcome of electro-chemical effect among different substances and materials. It is a hazardous and very pricey trouble. Electro-chemical reactions are the most common cause that results in corrosion. When the atoms on the surface of the metal get oxidized it causes corrosion, which spoils the complete surface. As a result of corrosion many disasters take place, like the collapse of a building, a bridge etc. Sometimes it can cause the pipelines of oil to split and cause leakage in chemical factories. When corrosion develops in electrical components fire can breakout and result in many troubles.

What are VCI Products?

VCI is a particle that can slow down the corrosion process by shaping up as a slender, defensive coating on the surface of a metal. A lot of the Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) are organic salts, which in order to defy corrosion gets condensed on the surface of a metal. The unseen layer of inhibitors averts moisture and oxygen like elements to react with the metal and result in corrosion. These molecules dissolve when the enclosed space is unlocked. There are various VCI products used for packaging. These include films, papers, foams, plastics, nettings, etc. Such packaging elements can carefully keep off corrosion from the guarded metals. So, there is no need for using any other protective coatings, or oils, or grease or similar other useless techniques. When inhibitor products are used appropriately the protection might endure for good amount of time. There are various kinds of inhibitors which are used as per the precise need of the category of metal.

The VCI Bags have numerous benefits to be used as a packing material to inhibit corrosion. Firstly, it acts as an obstruction against moisture. Secondly, it provides easy handling as a metal product needs just to be placed inside a treated poly bag. Lastly, such bags provide protection against dust, moisture and corrosion. The bags of VCI guards components of metal, engines, machined parts, molds etc. from getting corroded. Weapons are also carried during operations and shipped in such bags to keep away corrosion.

Another inhibitor for corrosion is the VCI Films. It can be found in variety of dimensions and slenderness. These films are made out of corrosion inhibiting sheets of plastics, c-fold sheeting, J-sheeting, and tubing etc. These films can provide flexible defense against corrosion for metals while shipping. There are some films which save precious time, tools and manual labor while packaging by removing the requirement to put staples or heat-seal, or use tape. An inhibitor film is not expected to get pierced or get torn as other customary film. Therefore, it suits best for components that requires most protection from corrosion.

The Pros of Using VCI Packing Products

There are quite a few benefits of using VCI packing materials.

  1. The cost of packing can be reduced as well as the chances of corrosion also.
  2. The products to be prevented from corrosion needs to be packed properly and sealed. Such packaging helps the metals to remain clean, moisture free and also free from corrosion. This enables the metal to be used immediately after removing from packing without any further process.
  3. These packing materials adapt according to the size of the metal product, thus it saves space and is easy to handle.
  4. Most of the packing materials can be recycled hence it will lessen the waste. These corrosion inhibitor materials are harmless for humans also.
  5. Different VCI products provide different kind of protection against corrosion. The metals are of exclusive features having various form, weight and dimension. So, VCI Bags and VCI Films are able to shield all kinds of alloys and metals from corrosion and rust.
  6. Packing metals components in VCI packaging not only gives complete safeguarding from corrosion but it also shields the components from mechanical damages while getting transported and when stored.
  7. It is said that every corrosion inhibitor product has a certain predefined amount of shelf life. So, every metal or alloy packed in such packaging material remains free from corrosion even during storage.

The Conclusion

That is why the packaging products of VCI need to be carefully chosen so it enhances the performance of the metal or the alloy. This is also a great initiative towards decreasing the cost of product damage for the manufacturers.