What is Pitting Corrosion

If you have ever observed some little holes or cracks in a metal it most probably could be Pitting corrosion. In a more formal definition pitting corrosion, is a kind of confined corrosion that drives to the origin of tiny holes in the metal.

The main causes for pitting corrosion is the erosion of light coat of a protective material on a small area, which becomes anodic while an obscure but possibly vast area becomes cathodic, ...

How To Manage Aqueous Cleaning Wastes

Manage Aqueous Cleaning Wastes: The wastes produced by aqueous cleaning solutions should be handled as specified below.

Waste Solution. Aqueous cleaning solutions usually qualify as hazardous waste after extensive usage because collections of metals such as cadmium, copper, lead, and zinc may pass state limits. Hence, auto repair shops should regularly use an authorized waste disposal firm to h...

Different Corrosion Prevention Methods

Different Corrosion Prevention Methods: We have seen that in most of the situations, metal corrosion can be overseen, moderated, or even halted by utilizing the best possible systems. Corrosion version can take various forms relying upon the conditions of the metal being corroded. Corrosion prevention systems can segment into 6 different groups:

  • Cathodic Protection
  • Coating
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
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