Man's quest for automotive mobility led him to experiment with various kinds of vehicles, since the invention of the Wheel. Diverse technologies are being invented & implemented to make automobiles perform better and faster.

The heart of an automobile lies in its engine & transmission assembly. The machined components in these are required to perform at highest levels in most enduring conditions and over prolonged periods. HAKUFORM cutting fluids are widely used for machining of steel and aluminium alloys for delivering superior surface finish and reduce cost per component through lower consumption and higher tool life. These fluids comply with the stringent HSE & REACH requirements.

With over 700 formulations, HAKUPUR aqueous cleaners are used globally for virtually every type of metallurgy and cleaning application systems. Apart from providing superior cleaning due to its advanced surfactant technology, HAKUPUR offers better corrosion protection, longer bath life and heat energy savings.

Indian Automobile Industry has rapidly integrated with the Global Automotive Chain and application of "pre-approved & proven" rust preventive products is increasingly gaining importance. Daubert rust preventive technologies are contributing actively to various automobile production processes from the press shop, to supply of CKD parts and long term rust proofing of cars. NOX-RUST products have gained wide acceptance in this field through a series of specially formulated light, water based & DAUBERT VCI rust preventives, along with special oils for Press Shop, CKD & Export Applications.

Vehicle bodies are constantly threatened by "rust" due to high temperature and humidity fluctuation conditions peculiar to India. NOX-RUST Waxes comprise of two broad categories; "Inner Wax" which is aimed at rust prevention of cavities such as doors & hoods, and thicker filmed "Under floor coatings" aimed at under floor and the wheel house, and both types can satisfy the rust prevention needs of the vehicle. NOX-RUST range also provides rust prevention solutions for car bodies including the engine room, transmission and painted surface, thereby contributing to the improvement in service life, lustrous appearance and mechanism protection.

DMC and NMP Free CONTROX hot and cold paint strippers enjoy a rather enviable reputation in their ability to provide quick and effective removal of unwanted paint from jig, skids, plastic and painted surfaces without compromising on safety. ISOGOL range of paint coagulants are designed to meet the industry's need for extracting oversprayed paint in floatation and sedimentation type water circulation systems & to ensure a stable and clean paint shop.