• Nikutex

    NIKUTEX is a range of specialised paint cleaners, wash thinners, purge thinners as well as hydro purge products for virtually all cleaning and purging tasks. Kluthe has developed more than 1,500 Nikutex cleaning agents/ wash thinners for virtually all cleaning and rinsing processes. The range covers both solvent-based and water-based paint systems. 

  • Controx

    CONTROX product line offers a wide range of cold and hot paint strippers. Over 100 products ensure the reliable removal of the majority of paint systems and coatings, including 2-K paints and cathodic paints (KTL's). The organic hot paint strippers can be processed after use to increase cost-effectiveness.

  • Isogol

    ISOGOL is a range of paint coagulants for virtually all kinds of paint systems. Kluthe develops and produces more than 150 coagulants keep in consideration not only detackifying of the paint but also plant engineering systems and the method of discharging the coagulate.

  • Decorrdal

    DECORRDAL brand covers a wide range of pre-treatment chemicals for a variety of metals and surfaces. These products and processes have been constantly optimized over the last 50 years in order to keep pace with high-tech methods of application, allow shorter cycle times, fulfill ever-higher requirements in terms of quality and conform with more stringent environmental standards. The applications covered include conventional iron & zinc phosphate coatings as well as new phosphate-free technologies with low energy demands, Transition Metal Coatings (TMC).

  • T400

    T400 products are used for the treatment of industrial effluents. The more than 100 formulas are required to cover the different types of effluent produced, as well as the existing plants and filtration techniques.