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Nox Rust Waxes


NOX-RUST Rust Preventive waxes & coatings are formulated to provide long-term protection to vehicle bodies. Vehicle bodies are constantly threatened by rust due to weather conditions peculiar to India, such as high temperature, humidity as well as salt damage due to seawater & tidal winds at coastal areas. Corrosion failure can occur despite other paints & coatings applied by the OEM's. NOX-RUST waxes and coatings can protect such key vehicle parts from severe conditions for years.

NOX-RUST offers a wide range of Vehicular Body Waxes & coatings enjoys approvals from most major automobile manufacturers around the world.

  • Nox rust waxes
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  • Rust preventive wax
  • Rust preventive film
  • Rust proof metal coating

product guide

Grade Application Film characteristics Other Properties
7703 WJ Hinge and Outer Body Waxy White Translucent film Self healing film with excellent aesthetics for exposed body areas. Compatible with paints, plastics & other non-metal substrates.
TH-110 W Cavity Waxy white film Provides excellent penetrative properties to reach cavity sections of vehicle body. Excellent anti-sagging properties.
HW 100S Tan Coloured Waxy film
HS 700 Tan Coloured Waxy film
1028 Underbody Light tan waxy film Provides Excellent protection to vehicle underbody from corrosion, stone chipping with self-healing film that will not crack or sag under low or high temperatures.

Bituminous underbody coating for corrosion protection with sound dampening properties.
1028 B Black waxy film
121 BN Black hard film
W-134 Engine Room Wax Waxy translucent film Water based coating for engine room areas with resistance to extreme temperature .