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Nox Rust Liquids


DAUBERT NOX-RUST Rust Preventive oils are based on the CCI or Contact Corrosion Inhibition Technology. NOX-RUST provides a range of specially formulated rust preventive oils giving excellent protection in areas of high humidity and temperature. NOX-RUST oils provide significant cost & performance benefits over other poorly formulated rust preventive oils available in the market due to the thin film technology. These Liquids of preventing rust is applicable for a broad range of components and parts of metal to hold back rust and corrosion.

We all want to protect our expensive machinery and metal assets and thus it makes sense to go with that product and solution which will prevent rust and corrosion most effectively.

This is especially more relevant with metals which are under water and need extra protection. These NOX RUST LIQUIDS help in stalling corrosion and absolutely preventing rust in metals.

The technology inhibits oxidation totally and is much more effective in doing so as compared to other similar products in the market.

Other products available in the market are poorly formulated rust preventable oils which are not able to prevent rust and corrosion in the long run and thus it makes complete sense to go for NOX RUST LIQUIDS as they guarantee rust removal and prevention and also help maintain your expensive machinery especially which is under water.

In areas of high humidity and temperature there is a dire need for an effective anti-corrosive and rust preventer and NOX RUST LIQUIDS are exactly the solution that you need to stall rusting due to oxidation and also avoid corrosion due to high humidity.

This is not a quick fix method but a permanent and long term solution for preventing long term damage to your metal assets-be it machinery or tools.

  • Anti rust solution
    • Very Low aromatic content
    • Lower viscosities based on Thin Film Technology
    • Strong Demulsification
    • Higher Flash Point
    • Excellent Salt Spray/Humidity chamber life


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product guide

R-823 SERIES For Semi-finished Parts & During Manufacture Pressed parts / CKD parts in transit Non-staining, good cleanability, easily removable thin film / Protective for more than 6 months, good protection in wooden crates, easy removability
307 SERIES For Semi-finished Parts & During Manufacture / For Finished Products Phosphated and black dyed products

Parts for cutting and polishing

Precision machinery
Thin film and non tacky, good water displacing and separating properties

Good water displacing and separating properties

Tack free thin film, humidity resistant, good water displacing, good for non ferrous metals
530 SERIES For finished products Cold rolled steel sheets Non-oil staining, good removability, good chemical synthesis
VCI OILS For automobiles, Motor cycles, Construction vehicles For Finished Products Manufacturing machinery

Fuel purpose
Soft film with long term protection easily de-greased

Compatible with gasoline, non affecting on non-ferrous metals, effective VCI property Ability to prevent corrosion for longer
692 SERIES For finished products General purpose Barium Free, slight lubricity, performs well in presence of acids
695 SERIES For finished products Fasteners, automotive precision parts CKD parts in transit Higher degree of protection in high humid and saline environments
816 SERIES CR Plants Steel Mills Designed for acidic environments

How to opt for the exact Nox-Rust liquid is based on various circumstances like:-
• indoor use or outdoor use
• period of use
• kind of metal to shield
• application technique
• ways to remove