Metal Surface Treatment

Indian consumer durable and electronic is going through some very interesting times and poised to become the 5th largest market within a decade. Covering a vast range of commercial electronics, instrumentation, networking & telecommunication systems, and medical equipment, due to adaptation of Six Sigma Standards and resultant near zero rejection levels, manufacturers prefer usage of high surface treatment and corrosion protection materials.

HAKUPUR cleaners are used on pre-treatment lines and as inter operational cleaners on a variety of substrates such as glass, plastics, plated and other metals.

Introduction of the VCI Technology in this field has is increasingly growing. DAUBERT VCI technologies are used in forms of DAUBRITE Emitters & Silver Saver for protection of plated parts, control panels etc.

Combining the properties of VCI Protection with that of ESD Protection has set Zavenir Daubert on the right track to growth in this industry. PREMIUM METAL-GUARD Anti-Static VCI Film provides excellent corrosion protection along with protection from electrostatic discharge. This combination of technology is now being used in the field of computer and telecommunication hardware for protection of all types of metals & finishes from corrosion especially galvanic corrosion.

Daubert's V-DAMP liquid applied sound dampening products are also approved by several laundry appliance manufacturers.