Zavenir Daubert has harmonised technologies and expertise in providing value to the customers though a unique approach CCPP Solution Engineering. The overall objective of this proposition enables our customers to delegate performance ownership of their operations right from raw material stage upto finished product stage to us. While they can focus on their core processes without worrying about the chemistries interacting with their parts, our team of experts work on a module to map, study, suggest & implement optimisations in processes, products and technologies.

Any solution offered to customers, involves a thorough process by the our team to ensure

  • Tangible value benefit in productivity or CPC reduction
  • Integration with existing systems & processes
  • 100% elimination of performance or quality problems
  • Economic usage of products
  • HSE & Environmental adherence
  • Ease of application, implementation & usage
  • Meeting the objectives of our customer's customer
  • Synergize qualitative improvements

We provide a systematic approach in identifying & developing suitable solutions in tune with today's quality and environmental responsibilities detailed under ISO 9000 and other Green Process Certifications such as REACH, RoHS and ISO 14000.

Zavenir Daubert Advantage

  • Core competency in corrosion prevention & metal working fluids
  • Global Technology, Made in India
  • Vast range of products & technologies
  • Worldwide acceptance & usage
  • Daubert & Kluthe R&D back up & expertise developed over 50 years of service
  • State-of-the-art Quality & Performance testing & analytical facilities in India
  • Dedicated technical, service and sales teams with pan India network

The CCPP Solution Program begins with understanding our customer's needed through Technical & Commercial studies jointly with their shop floor & sourcing teams. After in-depth study our team recommends cost effective process optimizations and value based product recommendations. A joint action plan is prepared for a Product Benefit Demonstration (PBD) and subsequent steps carried out by our dedicated service team under the supervision of our technical team and customer representatives. On completion of the PBD, our technical team prepares and shares Proof of Performance (POP) report with our customer's management for further implementations or horizontal deployments. The process doesn't end as our service and technical teams manage replication & monitor success even after the PBD and Kaizen or continual improvement process is initiated.