Joint message

  • I am delighted to learn that as a result of our decade old association with Zavenir, Daubert and NOX-RUST have established a leadership position in the Indian corrosion preventives market. I thank you for your trust and patronage. As India rightfully assumes a greater role in the Global supply chain, we at Daubert Chemical, have a long term commitment to work with our partner to maintain and consolidate our current position through introduction of newer competitive technologies to meet the demands of the marketplace, while ensuring highest levels of performance under the harsh and corrosive Indian climate.

    Matthew F. Puz

    President & CEO

    Daubert Chemical Company, Inc.

  • When we began our partnership with Zavenir 16 years ago, we shared a vision of becoming the premier supplier of corrosion preventive packaging to Indian industry. Through the years, we have worked together to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to corrosion problems that only Indian companies face. Metals manufacturers in India demand VCI products that stand up to the hottest summers, wettest monsoons, and the most severe humidity experienced in any industrialized country. Zavenir continues to rise to this challenge by leveraging Daubert VCI's chemistry with their own ingenuity and experience. Today, Zavenir Daubert is the most trusted name in VCI materials in India.

    Martin J. Simpson

    President & CEO

    Daubert VCI, Inc. & Daubert Cromwell, LLC

  • Technology connects people, enterprises and markets. India is one of the fastest growing and most interesting markets in the world and we are proud that Zavenir Daubert has chosen Kluthe as its partner and licensor for surface treatment and metalworking chemicals. Excellence in products and service is in need of well-trained technicians and service teams in order to understand the customer's processes and requirements. Global markets require leading-edge products and outstanding services at an affordable price for being able to produce goods of high quality standards.

    Martin Kluthe

    Managing Director

    Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH