iron & steel

India enjoys a major advantage and potential in the manufacture of steel and is already ranked amongst the top producers in the World.

Rust protection is a major challenge this industry faces. NOX-RUST 530 series oils combine excellent properties such as stabilized rust prevention, compatibility with "down the line" operations, ease of removability, non-staining along with better lubricity which is a pre-requisite to applications in the automotive press shop and increasingly important steel service centres. These remarkable properties have made NOX-RUST oils popular not only with majority of steel producers but also manufacturers of wires, rods and tubes in the US, Japan and East Asia.

Tube forming fluids under the HAKUFORM range are designed to deliver higher productivity in an industry looking at cost reduction measures to increase profitability. HAKUFORM cutting and grinding fluids are an excellent solution for end cutting applications and for precision grinding of mill rolls.

Environmental concerns & requirement of thin-film oils by the end users has also necessitated the usage of VCI Based packaging materials for corrosion free dry wrapping of steels coils & sheets alike. DAUBERT VCI range is widely accepted in forms of various reinforced VCI papers & stretch films for automated coil wrapping.