advanced aqueous cleaners


HAKUPUR cleaners harness the power of multi-functional Power Surfactants (combination of non-ionic and Cationic surfactants ) to deterge versatile organic & inorganic soils.

Special Dual Effect Action enables HAKUPUR cleaners to combine the power of emulsification (carrying off the soil/dirt from the components) & demulsification (separating out soil/dirt from cleaner to its surface for skimming) even at lower temperatures compared to conventional cleaners.

HAKUPUR Cleaners reduce the surface tension by adsorption at the liquid-gas interface. This dynamics induces superb cleaning effect without compromising on the critical factors for industrial applications such as foaming where bubbles or drops are rapidly generated and need to be stabilized.

  • Industrial metal cleaner
    • Power Surfactants
    • Advaned surfactant technology
    • Special Addtitives
    • Dual Effect Action


  • High pressure metal cleanres
  • Industrial metal cleaner cleaning effects
  • Metal cleaner for rust protection
  • Metal Cleaner time life

product guide

  • Hakupur® 700
  • Hakupur® 465
  • Hakupur® 445
  • Hakupur® 196-8
  • Hakupur® 439-1
  • Hakupur® 50-373-7
  • Hakupur® 700 l
Best Application Method
  • Spray: Extremely height pressures (up to 650 bars)
  • Dipping or Ultrasonic immersion
  • Spray : upto 10-12 bars
  • Spray : upto 10-12 bars
  • Spray : upto 10-12 bars
  • Manual cleaning, Dipping or Ultrasonic immersion
  • General Purpose Spray : upto 10-12 bars
Metal Compatibility
  • Excellent for multi-metals at even lower temperature
  • Multi metals compatibility
  • Excellent for cast iron
  • Excellent for steel alloys
  • Excellent for aluminum & magnesium even at lower temperature
  • suitable for all metals & Plastics at room temperature.
  • Multi metals compatibility
  • Low salt content, mild alkaline cleaner
  • Phosphate free, low salt, mild alkaline cleaner
  • low salt content, mild alkaline cleaner
  • salt free, mild alkaline cleaner
  • salt free, mild alkaline cleaner
  • Ready to use, mild alkaline cleaner
  • Low salt content, mild alkaline cleaner