water soluble cutting oils


HAKUFORM Water Soluble cutting oils are formulated based on Chlorine Free Extreme Pressure additives, like esters that provide excellent tool life without compromising on environmental norms & risks associated with conventional chlorinated water soluble oils.

KLUTHE Advanced Surfactant Technology creates stable Micro Emulsions & enables the action of multi-functional Power Surfactants (combination of non-iconic and cationic surfactants) to deterge matter like chips/burr at a faster pace & lower carryover losses.

KLUTHE BIOLIT technology releases active Buffer Biostability ingredients continually at a low concentration to the water-based cooling lubricant producing sterile solutions and emulsions with a long sump life.

  • Water soluble cutting oils
    • Chlorine Free EP Additives
    • Advanced Surfactant Technology
    • Micro Emulsion
    • Kluthe BIOLIT technology


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  • cutting oil for metals
  • why use cutting oils

product guide

  • Hakuform® 70-84
  • Hakuform® 70-79 SP
  • Hakuform® 70-77 EB
  • Hakuform® 70-69 AL
  • Hakuform® 50-62 KX
  • Hakuform® A 953
  • Universal product, recommended for grinding, light to medium machining. Best for ferrous applications
  • Excellent for ferrous applications. All medium to heavy cutting applications.
  • Universal metallurgy application. Suitable for light to medium machining.
  • All light to heavy cutting applications Excellent for aluminum alloys.
  • Suitable for ferrous applications. Excellent for grinding applications
  • High performance products, recommended for grinding, light to medium machining. Best for ferrous applications
Key features
  • Universal product for low CPC
  • Best Tool life performance in the market
  • Boron Free (Rectifies Spotting issues)
  • Premium aluminum machining cutting oil for high tool life performance
  • Most modern Boron free synthetic (Oil free) cutting fluid
  • Excellent Corrosion protection
Recommended concentration