Equipments Spares Protection

A very broad range of fields, including power-generation facilities, ships, industrial installations, refineries help built a social and industrial infrastructure around the world. Due to the limitless life expectancy in this Industry, usage of surface treatment and corrosion protection materials both during manufacturing as they are used in periodic overhauling and maintenance.

Use of DAUBERT VCI technologies are widely put to use for long term protection of equipments, structures and spares. NOX-RUST VCI Powders are fogged into turbines, boilers, piping systems during lay up to give corrosion protection for months and years. Similarly, NOX-RUST VCI Oils are employed to protect internal areas of large structures. These products are compatible with the systems and leave a zero footprint after application and do not interfere during normal operations.

DAUBERT VCI Papers and Films are used to protect spares parts and assemblies for decades from corrosion. Daubert enjoys approvals from many relevant government agencies and industrial bodies for applications across the spectrum of this industry.

Protection during transportation and long term storage of equipment are done by a combined usage of DAUBERT VCI and CCI technologies.

DECORRDAL surface treatment, CONTROX paint strippers & HAKUPUR Cleaners are put to use during manufacture and overhauling operations.