As a company with a variety of chemical based technologies, we understand that we have a special responsibility towards establishing and maintaining harmony in all facets of our ecological system. We at Zavenir Daubert, in association with our collaborators, look at fulfilling our environmental responsibility by developing products and technologies which pose no danger to our system and ensuring safety during its storage, processing and distribution. We continously strive to comply with chemical safety norms such as RoHS, REACH to ensure smooth acceptance of our products throughout the supply chain and impart full knowledge of any potential impact on our customer's HSE obligations by publishing complete Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Resource conservation, as a tool to mitigate environmental impact, is no longer a minor aspect for the modern industry and has virtually become a pre-requisite for any enterprise in this age of growing public awareness and environmental activism. Besides complying with all state-of-the-art EMS practices, we are also successfully addressing these issues through deployment of technologies which conserve metals & crude oils resources.