Daubert has worked keenly with the US military since the 1930's to develop suitable & versatile needs of the defence forces. Today, DAUBERT VCI & NOX-RUST products conform to the various AME-MIL-SPECS (American Military Specifications) and are on the QPL (Qualified Product List) on the US department of defence.

Aerospace is an industry where a small failure could result in catastrophic loss of lives; corrosion preventive technologies hold vital importance in maintaining both functional and stores parts and assemblies. Usages of plated components which too are subjected to corrosion used in the aerospace industry are widely protected by our UNIWRAP range of VCI Papers. Usage of DAUBRITE Emitters is popular for preservation of panels in operation and storage alike. Usage of special coated silver parts is preserved through the Silver Saver range.

Railways, like other massive modes of transportation, is driven by durability and extended life of its wagons, engines and equipment. NOX-RUST range is used for combined benefits of corrosion prevention, sound deadening & anti-chip resistance for chassis, assemblies exposed to the severe and dynamic climatic conditions. Protection of "inner bodies" of wagons, engines, electrical systems are covered by range of Wax & Polymer based coatings along with Daubert VCI based liquids and Daubrite Devices.