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Daubert Nox Rust Oils

Daubert Nox Rust Rust Preventive oils (anti rust oils) are based on the CCI or Contact Corrosion Inhibition Technology. Nox Rust provides a range of specially formulated rust preventive oils giving excellent protection in areas of high humidity and temperature. Nox Rust oils provide significant cost & performance benefits over other poorly formulated rust preventive oils available in the market due to the thin film technology.

Daubert Nox Rust® range offers a wide range of rust preventive oils which combine excellent rust preventive properties with other benefits and Treatment such as:

. Easy removability
. De-watering properties
. Anti stain properties
. Non tacky film
. Lubrication
. Compatibility with non-ferrous & non-metals
. Compatibility with engine oils & fossil fuels
. Penetrative properties

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