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Packaging and maintenance of metal parts has always been cumbersome, owing to corrosion which to this day remains one of the major reasons to which product quality is severely compromised. To combat this situation, George Daubert , the founder of DAUBERT Industries invented the Volatile Corrosion Inhibition technology and ultimately DAUBERT VCI Paper became the absolute solution for packaging of metals without the risk of being rusted.

Volatile Corrosion Technology involves the use of volatility for the transport of corrosion inhibiting molecules, to protect the component from rusting by adsorbing on the surface of metal and making a thin protective layer against the metal and inhibiting the action of surrounding environment on the metal.

DAUBERT VCI Papers provides long term protection to nearly all kind of metallurgies along with protection from a period of 3 months to 5 years as per the metallurgy and type of paper used.

DAUBERT VCI Papers are manufactured by using advanced technologies and custom produced virgin long fiber papers which has an extremely low level of impurities. There are various types of VCI papers available to suit particular application providing a range of protection period.

Henceforth, safeguard any kind of ferrous or non-ferrous metal with the packaging of DAUBERT VCI Papers from Zavenir Daubert to protect it from humid conditions and prevent it for a longer and stronger life.

  • Daubert VCI paper
    • High Quality of corrosion inhibiting chemicals
    • Water solubitlity / effectiveness in high humidity
    • Natural neutral kraft paper


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  • Metal Rust preventive Paper

product guide

  • Vapor wrapper
  • q-wrap
  • Steel wrap
  • Uniwrap
  • q-wrap a
  • coppertex
  • silver saver
  • alumitex
  • Maximum protection, long term protection
  • Excellent medium term protection
  • Excellent short term protection eg. during transportation
  • Eco-grade for short term, less critical applications
  • universal corrosion inhibitor for multi-metal combinations
  • ideal for multi metal protection
  • ideal for copper and copper alloys
  • ideal for silver and other noble metals
  • Eliminates water spotting and corrosion
Metals Protected
  • Iron, steel and Ferrous
  • Combination of ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Copper, Brass, Bronze
  • Silver, Silver plated and noble metals
  • Aluminium
Protection Period Upto
  • Rolls
  • Sheets
  • Envelopes
  • 3-D Bags
  • Gusset Bags