Corrosion Free Auto Parts

Today the light engineering industry is characterized by its close co-operation with OEM's to integrate engineering concepts and business processes optimisations. Technology and cost engineering holds the key to increasing manufacturing efficiencies and moving up the value chain. Given the nature of its operations our Cut, Clean, Protect & Pack concept seems to be most desirable by this group.

HAKUFORM water soluble and neat coolants have found special place due to their ability to provide superior corrosion protection during process and significant consumption reduction due to unique rheological and low evaporating properties. In an industry which is moving toward use of lighter but tougher metals, better lubrication properties of coolants help in increasing life of expensive tools.

OEM's today are demanding continuous reductions in millipore values on components. HAKUPUR advanced cleaning products are designed to cleans all types of metals under pressures of even up to 700 bars. HAKUPUR cleaners are designed to clean by variety of methods such as ultrasonic, dipping, high pressure jet spraying etc. Components cleaned with low salt containing HAKUPUR products are found without salt residues and exhibit good corrosion protection values. Several HAKUFORM and HAKUPUR grades are approved by use by machine manufacturers and large users alike.

Zavenir Daubert's versatile product range is designed to suit the needs of this industry through specialized series of NOX-RUST 307 & R-823 which combines the rust preventive requirements of different metals & treated parts with easy removability, water displacing & finger print neutralizing properties and compatibility further assembly operations. Barium free products such NOXRUST 692 are preferred by some users exporting to countries with more stringent environment regulations.

In an era of Just-In-Time & green business principles where removal for excessive oil and coatings is being discouraged, DAUBERT VCI range of ferrous and multi-metal VCI papers namely VAPOR WRAPPER, PROTEK WRAP, UNIWRAP & PREMIUM METAL-GUARD VCI films provide a dry and more process friendly method of ensuring that customers receive parts and assemblies free of corrosion.

HDPE reinforced DAUBERT VCI Papers, PREMIUM METAL-GUARD VCI films have found application for usage as an "Inner Liner" to export crates providing excellent corrosion prevention and barrier properties during a generally long and humid journey.

Our range offers protection during in-plant and inter-plant operations to the more demanding requirements of sea-worthy shipments with a unique DAUBERT 360 Programme for global support.