• A small company founded by George Daubert in 1935 has grown to be Daubert Industries, a group of corporations providing Corrosion Preventive Solutions Worldwide. The two flagship companies of Daubert namely Daubert Cromwell & Daubert Chemical Company are pioneers in the field of Corrosion preventive coatings, oils, VCI based packaging materials etc. Today, the DAUBERT along with their flagship brands such as NOX-RUST and DAUBERT VCI brands are synonymous with quality corrosion preventive products & services. Daubert is all set to consolidate their global leadership position through product developments and expansion to emerging markets. Their recent acquisition of the Tectyl range from Valvoline has further catapulted their position in the corrosion preventives market. DAUBERT products have gained global recognition and approvals from the majors in Steel, Automobile, Transportation, Marine, Aerospace, Electronics, Defence, Heavy & Light Engineering and other general ferrous & non-ferrous working industry. Many of these products also fulfil the requirements of various military specifications and standards. New product developments are being made in the field of sealants (DAUBOND), NVH (V-DAMP) products and development of greener and technically superior corrosion preventives.

  • Founded in the 1950's, Kluthe is an European leader in the development and marketing of specialty chemicals in the field of metal working fluids, metal working cleaners and pre-treatment chemicals. With growth shifting to markets in Asia and other parts of the World, Kluthe has begun embarking on an aggressive Globalization process since 2010 by setting up alliances and subsidiaries in India, China, Brazil, Russia, Turkey to mention a few. Kluthe is largely recognized as a multi-technology driven organization with over 8% of its revenues investment in research and development. Today it employs over 70 research and development scientists at their central laboratories in Heidelberg, Germany focussing on development of metal working fluids, cleaners and paint shop materials. Major Kluthe technologies and brands such asHAKUFORM (metal working fluids), HAKUPUR (cleaners),NIKUTEX (paint cleaning and purge materials), ISOGOL (paint coagulants) and CONTROX (paint strippers) enjoy a large base of users, approvals in the automotive, general engineering", heavy equipment industry amongst others.

  • Parker Industries, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nihon Parkerizing Group (World leaders in surface modification technologies). Nihon Parkerizing was licensed by Daubert in the 1960's to manufacture NOX-RUST products to serve the Japanese Industry. By constant development of the NOX-RUST technologies through its vast experience in the surface modification field, Parker today enjoys a vast reputation as a Daubert partner through-out the Far East & South East Asia with approvals from most Steel & Automotive manufacturers. Parker's strength lies in their pioneering work on development and usage of NOX-RUST throughout the supply chain of the metal working industry.