VCI Emitters

VCI emitters as name suggests are a portable, self contained product which emits volatile corrosion inhibitors on the metals to protect them against corrosion. They are the mixture of different VCI products which absorb humidity and protect metals within an enclosure.

What Is A VCI Emitter?

VCI Emitters is a combination of different VCI solutions to provide absorption of moisture and emission of VCI chemicals. The VCI emitter’s solution includes products like VCI bags, VCI paper, VCI strips, and VCI capsules. They are a great solution with on half content as VCI powder and another half as humidity absorbent desiccants. They are the best mean to save metal products, spare parts or machinery. It gives you the benefits of two or more products.

VCI emitters provide protection to metals like zinc, steel, copper and other various types of metals. Emitters moreover give great protection against galvanic corrosion occurring within variant metals inside electrical and mechanical hardware.

They help immensely in extending the life and functions of electronic devices, minimize the corrosion of various types of metal present inside compartments, circuit boxes as well as panels.

VCI Emitters are very user friendly and can be used within small places without any problem because they are compact, self-sticking devices. They are composed of reliable, anti humidity poly that includes concentrated hi-tech VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor), which quickly evaporates and deploy corrosion protection on all metal surfaces inside a close compartment.

VCI emitters give powerful security to all metal types against corrosion or oxidation and shield the metal surfaces from the impacts of corrosive agents including protection from acid rain, ammonia, humidity, hydrogen moisture, salts, sulphide, and sulphur dioxide.

Electrical contact points are extremely vulnerable to corrosion and may be a great threat to users and manufacturers of electronic /electrical tools. This oxidation & corrosion affects the conductivity negatively which results in the breakdown of a piece of equipment and damages sensitive and costly parts.

VCI Emitter Features

  • Active in contaminated and wet atmospheres.
  • Also provide corrosion protection against galvanic corrosion.
  • Compatible with ordinarily used oils, paints, greases, or any other types of anti-corrosion solutions.
  • Corrosion protection to a wide range of multi-metals.
  • Nitrites, phosphates, and silicones free.
  • No more labor-intensive conventional methods of greasing/oiling/wiping/spraying/ dipping.
  • Portable & safe to handle and apply.
  • Provides corrosion protection when equipment is in storage, transit and when in operation.
  • VCI coating does not affect electrical/mechanical/optical exterior.
  • VCI Emitters are simple & ready to install.
  • Workplace and environment-friendly.

When should you use VCI Emitters?

Corrosion or Oxidation is a natural process which occurs when oxygen and any types of metal come in contact with each other, therefore, anything in the air for example; co2, hydrogen, moisture, salt, sulfur dioxide– can easily affect the chemical composition of metal and cause oxidation.

Stocking electronic parts or mechanical spare parts in a storage facility requires overall protection against corrosive agents which can be very expensive and complicated to implement. Also due to the recent innovation in anti-corrosion solutions, traditional anti-corrosion methods do not stand a chant against modern VCI emitters.

VCI emitters are used by an organization with some other anti-corrosive solutions to provide double protection against any corrosive activity within a closed compartment or circuit box.

VCI Emitters Are Ideal to Prevent Corrosion in the following types of applications:

  • Battery operated devices/gadgets
  • Computer & Telecommunication equipment
  • Electric motors
  • Electrical Light fixtures / Security Alarm systems
  • Electrical, Electronic & electromechanical control panels
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Junction Fuse boxes / Busbars
  • Medical equipment & devices
  • Military/Marine/Aerospace instruments
  • Scientific instruments & devices
  • Switchgear and relay cabinets
  • Tools & Spare part boxes


What is a VCI emitter?

VCI is a short form for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. A VCI emitter is a cushion (pad), wire strip or a plat that integrated both foam and VCI product

How do I use VCI Emitter?

Attach the emitter to the interior of the compartment or box by stripping off the top of the sticky strip on the back, and sticking it on to a plane surface. The emitter starts operating instantly, filling the space within the box with VCI vapors. It can be applied anywhere the revealed metal is at risk of corroding for example in electrical cabinets, or control panels.

What types of metals will emitters protect?

The VCI solutions overall will prevent corrosion on copper, steel, zinc, and multi-metals. It is the same exclusive solution that Zavenir Daubert uses in its VCI paper and film products.

How many emitters should I use?

Zavenir Daubert advises using 1 emitter as per 1 cubic foot of a package volume. There are also other factors which affect the numbers of emitters you may need i.e. package integrity, storage environment, the condition of the parts and their position within the compartment. Always do testing before starting a new project.

Why should I use an emitter?

Several organizations require better corrosion protection of expensive gears throughout warehousing and transportation. An emitter presents swift and easy VCI protection in a confined space. It’s also simple to discard and gives long-lasting protection to most metals.

How does the VCI protect the metal?

A VCI emitter operates the same way that VCI paper products work. When metals are enclosed or packaged, the substances volatilize in the packaging atmosphere and form a protective microscopic coating on the exterior of the metal. This protective coating blocks dirt, oxygen, moisture, salt, and other elements from forming on the metal and causing corrosion.

How long does it take for an emitter to become effective?

An emitter is active instantly but may take some time to cover all surfaces. VCI chemicals fill the compartment space and deposits on all surfaces, giving quality and reliable protection.

To get the best and fast results, place the emitter as close as possible to the product.  Furthermore, kindly keep in mind that emitter chemicals vaporize quicker in warmer environments.

Are the vapors hazardous?

No. Contact Zavenir Daubert for applicable MSDS information.

Is VCI emitter’s nature friendly?

Indeed. Our VCI emitters are 100% environmental friendly they are also, odor free and perfectly suited for any environment.

How to remove VCI solution from a metal surface?

When the VCI emitter is peeled off from the surface, the anti corrosion immediately starts to vanish. In many functions, removal is useless. The part is dry, clean and ready to use. In situations where a 100% clean surface is required in the wake of removing the emitter, use rubbing alcohol or water to remove any leftover glue from the tape.