How Corrosion Damage Electronic Components

Electronics components are everywhere. We use them on daily basis; it’s safe to say that they are an
integral part of our lives. But we should also understand how they wear and stop working due to
corrosion. Many of these electronics failures are directly or indirectly influenced by corrosion. In
various instances breakdown was not consistent and occur because of the surrounding conditions
i.e. (contamination and humidity). In most of the breakdown, water plays a big role which leads to
current leakage hence malfunctioning of the gadget.
Most common types of corrosion failure occur in electronics are electrochemical migration and
galvanic corrosion and various forms of environment influenced corrosion.
Largely used metals and alloys in electronic devices include aluminum, tin, copper, gold, lead, silver
and their alloys.


Virtually all metallic components in an electronic device are susceptible to corrosion influenced by
humid surroundings especially if aggressive ions are in the surroundings.
Many electronics are coated or protected from external dangers by sealing them inside a capsule but
still, corrosion can break you electronic Electronics. Damaged electronics utilized in industrial
applications need substitution and the loss of production time can be expensive or even pose
security dangers. The costs brought about for this often extraordinarily surpasses the expense of the
damaged electronics parts itself.

Failures caused by severe service life conditions

The exposure of Electronics to situations where humidity, temperature, and environmental hazards,
for example, chlorides, and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which are not controlled, can result in
environmental corrosion of the metallic parts. With the end goal to limit the danger of corrosion
failure, it is critical to know about corrosion chance amid the design stage, reliability evaluations and
qualifications, assembly processes, storage, shipping, and in the final use of the microelectronic
On the off chance that service conditions contain H2S or SO2 gas such surface completions can
experience the ill effects of sulfur corrosion if stickiness levels are high. Component corrosion can
occur very quickly in industries such as water treatment, rubber manufacturing, fertilizer production,
or paper mills among others.

Galvanic Corrosion In Electronics

Electronics almost always have connections between different metals, and even different alloys of
the same metal, which also have different nobilities. Certain parts of electronics, like switches, are so
prone to corrosion that manufacturers have been plating connectors with gold, which is both one of
the best conductors and one of the noblest metals. This is a step in the right direction for
protection of electronics, albeit a somewhat expensive one. But not everything can be gold plated
because of the galvanic reaction between gold and the less noble metals, like silver, copper, and tin,
which make up the bulk of the metal in electronics. Also when the coverage of the plating is not
complete or somehow gets damaged, the ensuing galvanic corrosion is worse than without the gold
because of gold’s exceptionally high nobility.

Electronics quite often have connections between various metals, and even unique alloys of a
similar metal, which additionally have diverse properties. Certain parts of Electronics, similar to
switches, are so inclined to corrosion that manufacturers have been plating connectors with gold,
which is both extraordinary compared to other mediums and a standout amongst the most
respectable metals. This is a positive development for the protection of Electronics, but a fairly costly one. Yet, not all things can be gold plated in view of the galvanic response among gold and the less classed metals, similar to silver, copper, and tin, which make up the majority of the metal in
Electronics. Likewise when the inclusion of the plating isn’t finished, or some way or another gets
damaged, the following galvanic corrosion is worse than without the gold due to gold’s
especially high corrosion prevention properties.

Electronic devices can fail due to a number of failure modes depending on inherent factors related
to PCBA materials, design, and cleanliness under exposure to humidity and other gaseous
conditions. Some failures can be avoided by simple remedial measures such as changes in materials,
the slight change in PCBA design, and optimal PCBA cleanliness.
How rust inhibitor can protect your electronics and save you millions:
What rust inhibitor solution truly does is that, it makes an impermeable layer that prevent
humidity and oxygen from reaching metal surfaces; without that collaboration, rust doesn’t form.
Something else it is known to do is it decrease the rate of corrosion since it has the chemical solution
that prevent oxygen and humidity from consuming any metal it comes into contact with.

Rust inhibitor Solutions have been trending as the years progressed; along these lines, in addition
to the fact that they adhere securely to metal surfaces, they are anything but difficult to apply so
they can be utilized on various metal finishes— car, train, trestles, or scaffolds. It’s additionally
worth referencing that rust paint never requires an activator or impetus for expanded
effectiveness in preventing corrosion, which means no exceptional planning or strategies are
required with the end goal to utilize it legitimately. Also, since it’s anything but difficult to apply,
you needn’t bother with an expert to paint it over anything that you wish to avoid corrosion for.
You can utilize a run of the mill paintbrush, roller or sprayer to apply rust paint appropriately.

The most imperative benefit of utilizing rust inhibitor solution is that it can spare you a ton of cash
for repairs, and replacements. Rust is such a problem to manage; it stains and makes a dull
appearance, and in the meantime, it damages the structural integrity of steel parts. This is the

reason rusty electronic parts don’t have a high resale cost; in addition to the fact that they are
terrible, it truly takes a great deal of cash to turn around the effect of rust on a heavy machine. Rust
or corrosion makes a pointless money outflow; in this manner, on the off chance that you can keep it
from happening with the assistance of rust inhibitor solution, for example, Rust Bullet, you just have
everything to pick up from it.