Cutting Fluids And Its Applications

Cutting Oil

The Industrial Revolution brought with it many changes. One of those changes was the way that metals are worked. Instead of relying on a man's strength to shape metal, there were now machines that were able to cut and shape the metal for you. But with the new technology came new problems, like how to cool and lubricate the cutting tool, extend its life and improve surface finish. The answer to this problem was, of course, to ...

Preventing Corrosion In Oil and Gas Production

Preventing Corrosion In Oil and Gas Production: Stopping corrosion damage can expand the life of metal and boost the production of the operation. While some corrosion might be unavoidable, an entire scope of methods and materials have been created that can keep the electrical circuit and chemical that lead to corrosion.

Putting resources into whatever number of those as could reasonably be expected while the we...

NOX-RUST – Prevent Rust Using Rust Preventive Liquids

Did you realize that 95% of corrosion cases are caused by the deposits from the manufacturing procedure? Clients frequently search for an issue with the packaging. "It was stuffed in VCI, so why has it corroded?" However, the genuine source frequently happens before the packaging procedure. Sometime it's in the washing line, where because of poor support and systems diverse materials are being washed together or in light of the fact that the wrong VCI item was uti...

VCI Devices And Its Different Products

VCI devices can be put or embedded into little and difficult to get to places that have metals. They increase the life of different metals by emanating defensive exacerbates that add to erosion preventive packaging. Zavenir Daubert offers its clients the absolute best by providing a scope of VCI devices–, such as emitters, chips, foam, packets, and bags.

Commonly VCI devices are simply used to add to already existing erosion ...

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor: A Requirement For Rust Free Packaging

What is VCI: Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor ?

VCI - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor provide anti rust protection to address the corrosive nature of ferrous and non-ferrous metal items. A one of a kind multi-purpose VCI focus on plastic and paper application.

VCI is the ecologically favored corrosion protection for metal industry.