Best Metal Cutting Oils and Rust Prevention Solution – Zavenir Daubert

Since its initiation in 1995, Zavenir Daubert India has been at the top of the Indian Industry in building recognition towards corrosion control and presenting solutions to lessen the impact of this threat. At the moment, we hold a leadership position in the area of VCI and Rust Preventives manufacturer and supplier to the Indian Industry and enjoy a favored supplier status with most users.

Metals are prepared in countless directions and each application or set of application needs an in-depth study of upstream and downstream methods to produce a quality product. Since the start, we have worked with our clients to deliver solutions to their corrosion obstacles, we plan to take this solution engineering strategy further over a wider range of utilization to support our customers reach their objectives. We shall ‘help metal perform better’ not just through our merchandises, but also through delivering solutions and services to you.


HAKUFORMⓇ Water Soluble cutting oils are formulated based on Chlorine Free Extreme Pressure additives, like esters that give exceptional machine life without jeopardizing on environmental standards & hazards connected with traditional chlorinated water soluble oils.

KLUTHE Advanced Surfactant Technology produces firm Micro Emulsions & allows the development of multi-functional Power Surfactants (a mixture of non-iconic and cationic surfactants) to deterge material like chips/burr at a faster pace & lower carryover losses.

KLUTHE BIOLITⓇ technology delivers dynamic Buffer Biostability elements continually at a base concentration to the water-based cooling lubricant providing sterile solvents and emulsions with an extended sump life.

Slick Cutting Oils

HAKUFORMⓇ Neat cutting oils are fabricated by hydrocracking and synergist dewaxing forms which give the base of oil prevalent enemy of oxidation properties and essentially all hydrocarbon particles wind up immersed (progressively that 90%).

Higher immersed hydrocarbon content in HAKUFORM slick oil significantly diminishes the dissipation and oil clouding misfortunes.

Chlorine Free Extreme Pressure added substances give phenomenal instrument existence without trading off on natural standards and dangers related with traditional chlorinated perfect oils.


HAKUPURⓇ cleaners saddle the intensity of multi-utilitarian Power Surfactants (blend of non-ionic and Cationic surfactants ) to deterge flexible natural and inorganic soils.

Exceptional Dual Effect Action empowers HAKUPURⓇ cleaners to consolidate the intensity of emulsification (stealing away the dirt/earth from the parts) and demulsification (isolating out soil/soil from cleaner to its surface for skimming) even at lower temperatures contrasted with regular cleaners.

HAKUPURⓇ Cleaners decrease the surface pressure by adsorption at the fluid gas interface. This elements actuates magnificent cleaning impact without trading off on the basic components for modern applications, for example, frothing where air pockets or drops are quickly created and should be balanced out.