Aqueous Cleaning Technologies


Intermediate Cleaning or Parts cleaning is becoming more and more essential to many industrial processes, as a prelude to Painting, Plating, Phosphating, Assembly, Welding, Rust Protection & Packaging. In recent times with awareness amongst users, mild alkaline cleaners are being preferred over conventional high alkaline cleaners that are generally sodium or potassium hydroxide-based chemicals.

HAKUPUR water soluble cleaners strike a fine balance of ingredients, structure and polar character of a cleaner to meet specific requirements of the industrial applications. HAKUPUR cleaners harness the abilities of multi-functional Power Surfactants (combinations of non-ionic and cationic surfactants) to deterge versatile organic & inorganic soils. HAKUPUR Cleaners reduce the surface tension by adsorption at the liquid-gas interface. This dynamism induces superb cleaning effect without compromising on the critical factors for industrial applications such as foaming where bubbles are rapidly generated and need to be stabilized.

HAKUPUR neutral cleaners also outperform other conventional acidic & alkaline cleaners which have a tendency to cause surface defects and leave residues which may be delirious to further downstream operations. Corrosion prevention, demulsification, buffer stability (BIOLIT) properties are introduced through addition of various specialized additives.