Technology may seem incompatible with the muscle associated with such vehicles, but technological tools are used in many aspects of the Industry that supplies digging, paving and building tools. Due to the desired long life & durability, quality of surface treatment and corrosion prevention techniques are employed at all levels.

DECORRDAL® surface treatment products enjoy approvals from several tractor and construction equipment manufacturers. DECORRDAL® ZT series are Transition Metal Coatings (TMC) which are approved by have reduced surface treatment costs compared to traditional zinc phosphate systems by over 40% apart from increasing productivity by reducing the number of tank stages.

HAKUPUR® Aqueous Cleaners with a wide range of cleaners for all applications is designed to give comprehensive cleaning solutions to this industry. Room temperature HAKUPUR® formulations have been developed to provide excellent degreasing ability offering huge energy savings.

NOX-RUST® Oils have been traditionally used in engine, hydraulic and gear to enhance their corrosion life and service. Due to the rugged use the vehicle or equipment bodies are particularly susceptible to corrosion during their use.NOX-RUST® Underbody Waxes and coatings have found favour with several Global OEM’s to increase the field life of their produce.