Cut, Clean, Protect & Pack

Our state-of-the-art laboratory in gurgaon is richly equipped to deliver analysis on a variety of lubricaton

People & Process

The human mind and spirit are any organization's greatest resource, we do not believe any differently.

Value Analysis/ Value Engineering

We believe that case studies should be used as a research strategy, an empirical study that investigates a phenomenon within its actual context. therefore our case studies


As a company with a variety of chemical based technologies, we understand that we have a special responsibility towards establishing and maintaining harmony in all facets of our ecological system.

Corrosion Prevention

George Daubert, in the 1930's realized inhibition of corrosion of metals demand the application of chemical compounds which have strong tendencies towards surface adsorption and ability to form a stable bond with metal surface

Metal Working Solutions

In an era of ever-increasing speeds and loads and problem of mist & evaporation control, conventional mineral base oils are being replaced by superior refined base oils with higher saturated hydrocarbons & reduced sulphur contents.